These days there are many avenues to sell a classic or collectible car. Here at Gateway Classic Cars, we offer a highly cost effective and productive way of selling your prized classic or collectible vehicle when compared to auctions. We feel that selling through a consignment dealership is a safe and reliable resource for sellers. When compared side by side, there is no better way.


  • We charge a very low consignment fee to offset our advertising costs. This fee will market your vehicle worldwide for 90 days.
  • At Gateway, every vehicle is set with a 'reserve' price to match the current market value. After we sell your car, you are guaranteed to get that reserve amount, unless you authorize us to lower it.
  • Your vehicle is securely displayed in one of our indoor showrooms. It will never be left outside.
  • Your title stays securly with you. We only need a copy of the title to ensure ownership, you keep the original at home with you until the vehicle sells.
  • We are selling 78% of our consignments.
  • If your vehicle doesn't sell within the first 3 months, you have the option to leave it with us longer. We also will give you generous time (7 days) to remove your vehicle in the event it does not sell.
  • Our history of sales show we get better values for our sellers by marketing the vehicle to our worldwide buyers on over 60 websites. We have wide variety of buyers, many of whom, demand better customer service, which we are able to offer.


  • Auction companies could charge you 10 times our consignment fee. They depend on this fee as their primary source of income. If your reserve is not met, you are out the large auction fee.
  • In addition to charging you up to $1500 auction fee, Auction Houses charge you another 8% Seller's Comission plus other fees such as storage, insurance, etc.
  • Auctions can leave cars outside in the elements or placed in tents, still exposed to the elements.
  • Many auction companies will ask you to mail them your title prior to the auction date. They take that control away from you.
  • Compare our 78% sell through rate to any auction with reserve vehicles. They have a less than 50% sell through rate.
  • The Auction House will require you to remove your unsold vehicle on the day the auction ends, usually on a Sunday.
  • Auction Houses are only able to market your vehicle to a local market and for a very short period of time. They don't spend hours upon hours with buyers for your car. No customer service available.

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